All the companies included in this list are active not only in the United Kingdom but throughout the globe. There are hundreds of financial providers out there, but only a few have reached global status servicing millions of people.

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For many years now, PwC or PricewaterhouseCoopers have been helping several people, businesses, organizations, and other entities with their finances and taxes. PwC is a powerhouse when it comes to financial and tax advisory, as well as for assurance and legal services.

The company is made up of more than 800 offices in 150 countries. It is also over 250,000 strong in manpower. Many of the most brilliant minds in finance, economics, business, and accounting are working for PwC. The giant company is very big in the UK, North America, and the Caribbean.

HSBC Holdings

HSBC is already synonymous to finance itself. HSBC is big not only in the UK but throughout the entire European continent. HSBC is recognized as one of the top banking institutions in the world. It is the largest bank in Europe and is the seventh-largest bank in the world.

HSBC is extensive with 35 subsidiaries providing a wide set of financial services from loans to personal banking. It is also one of the best companies to work for according to thousands of reviews from former and current employees.


Prudential PLC or just simply Prudential is by far considered the best insurance company in the world. In 2018, its revenue was at $111.5 billion (US Dollars). The company’s three business units are the UK, the US, and Europe – Asia.

Top Financial Service Providers in the United Kingdom Prudential - Top Financial Service Providers in the United Kingdom

The company continues to increase its revenue every year and is now servicing more than 30 million customers worldwide.

The company, just like all financial providers are struggling with the Covid-19 outbreak. They are taking extreme measures to support their customers and employees financially.

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