About bankofelgin - About Us

Diana J. Hampton, from the village of Caldercruix in Scotland, founded Bank of Elgin back in 2010. Hampton was working as a mechanic for the local bus transport company in the village.

She managed to get a degree in accounting and was able to practice her profession before starting a business of her own. Hampton started with insurance services.

She knew everything about insurance and the many factors affecting the type of services and financial policies. Hampton was then headhunted by the top banks in North Lanarkshire.

Starting on Her Own

Instead of accepting competitive offers, Hampton started her own financial and insurance consulting firm, Bank of Elgin. The company’s first-ever services were insurance and financial consultation for individuals.

Bank of Elgin helped a lot of people maximize their earnings through investments and wealth management. Very quickly, Hampton and her team of professionals started offering their services to businesses and companies.

In 2014,Bank of Elgin was one of the top financial consultation firms in Scotland. There were many buyout attempts by giant corporations to obtain the firm. Hampton didn’t budge and she wanted to serve the people on her terms and make sure that everyone gets access to the services they provide.

Financial Security for All

Bank of Elgin continues to be one of the top insurance and financial service providers in Scotland. Its main objective is financial security for all.